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Golden Trout Wilderness

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

The Golden Trout Wilderness is in the South Eastern Sierras just west of the town of Lone Pine. I decided to go on a commercial packing trip the Rock Creek Pack Station. They supplied all the food, the mules, the horses, the cook and the wranglers. All I had to do was show up and ride.

It was an 8 hour drive from Half Moon Bay. As the crow flies, it would not have been very far, but unfortunately, I had to go all the way down south and around the Sierras. So that took me close to Los Angeles before I could turn back north and reach Lone Pine. This trip took me past the San Luis reservoir which brought me face to face with the reality of the California drought. Being able to walk on the lake bottom was a bit disconcerting but it gave me a chance to take some one of a lifetime pictures.

My pants ripped and so I had to stop at Big 5 Sporting goods and try on a few new ones.

After I left Big 5, the road became amazingly desolate as I began to approach Lone Pine.

After Lone Pine, I began the steady climb into the Sierras.

I past a lot of rock formations and places where they apparently filmed a lot of cheap westerns.

Half way up into the Sierras, I stopped at De La Cour ranch. I was greeted by the official greeter and was warned not to feed her. (Too late) I spent the night at the ranch and continued up the mountains in the morning.

Once I arrived at the pack station, we packed up and headed out over the pass.

This is Hobbs, my mule.

Here is a our pack string. 17 head of stock total.

In the meadows of the Sierras, the water runs crystal clear.

My traveling companions.

With 17 head of stock, someone is always losing a shoe.

My trusty steed.

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